About The Author


“I am stressed and am in need of a vacation!  But not just any vacation; rather one that will be perfect!  How will I know that the transportation I am using, the hotel I am choosing, the restaurants where I am dining exceed my expectations?”

Hi there!  Welcome to my travel blog.  My name is Neena and I am happy to invite you to join me on my adventures!  I work for an international organization where travel is an important part of my job.  In addition, I also do a lot of personal travel.  I can provide you  great insights on the transportation, accommodations and dinning that I have personally experienced.  Now, there are many sites that provide ratings and feedback…. but not many tell you the exact stories they experience…and it is THESE stories that will help you better imagine the scenario prior to arriving.

There is no doubt that I am addicted to travel…really, I am!!   I have no intention of seeking help for this problem as I feel it is an enlightening problem to have!   The more I see, the more I want to see what else is out there….so, experience the journey with  me on “My Savvy Travel”!!!


Contact me by email:  MySavvyTravel@gmail.com