ITC Grand Chola Hotel – Chennai

The ITC Grand Chola Hotel does not look like your average hotel…it has the look and the feel of an actual palace.  The hotel is so big that there are several main entrances…and they use specific ones based on the location of events in the hotel.  Let me share some of my personal experiences with you:


The Reservation:

When making a reservation, I contacted the hotel directly.  Now the number they have listed on many sites was not working…so I decided to send them an email with the exact dates.  It took about 2 days, but the email was answered and they kindly confirmed.

The Arrival and Check in:

I arrived early in the morning and what I really appreciated was that the hotel emailed me to inform me which entrance to use so that I would be close to the check in area.  As I mentioned before, the hotel is huge, so this was very helpful.  Unfortunately, they had 3 reservations under my it took longer than necessary to check in. I will say that the person helping me was extremely kind and helpful.


As I mentioned before, this hotel looks and feels like a palace.  Just look at this grand staircase:


The Stay:

The rooms in the tower side of this hotel are the ones where you want to stay!  They are very spacious and technologically very advanced.  The room is completely controlled by an iPad that sits on the side table next to the bed.  You can control the lights, room temperature, TV, Privacy/Cleaning status, Dining, Guest Services and even see who is outside the door, including the ability to open the door from the iPad.


The rooms are very spacious and clean.  The bathroom in these rooms are simply amazing…in fact, they are almost as big as the room boasting separate shower, toilet and tub sections.



The Restaurants:

The elaborate breakfast buffet takes place in the Madras Pavilion restaurant.  They have quite the spread for breakfast…everything from continental, Asian, North Indian, Traditional South Indian, not to mention all the mouth-watering fresh fruits, yogurts.  I was impressed with their laasi, mango lassi, cold coffee, and milkshakes.  I love the little cups the drinks were served in…reminded me of being at a train station having chai!


The staff at the breakfast restaurant were so kind and offered to have my try a new South Indian specialty each morning.  I had a plain dosa, masala dosa, rava dosa, rava dosa with onions, and a cheese dosa…which by far was my favorite.Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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Written by Neena Bhaskar