Asia Seven – Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon

Want some great, authentic Asian food in Gurgaon?  Asia Seven is a must visit if you are looking for great food accompanied with courteous service.  You know that a restaurant is authentic when there are a lot of Asians dining in.  I asked the chef what sets you apart from other Asian restaurants.  He told me that most specialize in either Chinese or Thai dishes…Asia 7 incorporates those and many other regions of the orient to have one of the most diverse Asian menus in town.  The dishes will satisfy many pallets…. thanks to all the variety.

This restaurant is located on the third floor of Ambiance Mall in Gurgaon.  The look and feel of the place is very warm and inviting.  What caught my attention was the state-of-the-art kitchen, where you can watch your food being prepared.


The staff were welcoming …we were promptly greeted and we started with drinks, as their selections looked too tempting to pass up!

We started off with Dim sums as our appetizers:  Classic Prawn Har gao, Plump, hand pounded fresh jumbo prawns marinated in a Canton spice blend..Steamed with a starch wrap, Chicken Water Chestnut, Finely chopped chicken and crisp water chestnut served with Schezwan chilly flakes, New York Cheese and Chilly oil, Thai flavored Asparagus, and Crystal wild mushroom

While they were all amazing dishes, my favorite was the New York Cheese and Chilly oil Dim sum.  We enjoyed this dish so much that we ordered another portion of it!  

The other dish that stood out was the Thai flavored Asparagus….it was crispy and flavored to perfection.  Not only was it presented well but the taste was amazing.

We then moved to the Sushi course:  Tataki Roll with Meghalaya Black sticky rice, Tuna, Salmon and Cheese, and Avocado Amazon Rolls, Rolled with Meghalaya Black Rice, topped with Japanese Mayo and tempura flakes.  Now…I am vegetarian but had a food critic friend with me who was kind enough to help out.  She said they Tataki Rolls were outstanding.  I was able to try the Avocado rolls and thought they were so delicious and unique.  (I didn’t even know that avocados were available in India.  Actually, I asked about it…and they informed me that they are available but are quite expensive…similar to the USA)

The next course was the grills: Negima Skewers, Chicken and Leek Yakitori skewers dipped in sake mirin glaze, Asian Glazed Grilled Fish with Nam Pla Phrik, Marinated Vietnam Basa grilled with a banana leaf wrap served with Thai glaze, Three Mushroom Skewers, Buttons, Shiitake and White Fungus with butter pepper garlic dip

The food was all so good that we actually didn’t need to order main dishes…but figured, to have a complete experience, we should sample the main dishes as well.  We had the Wok Tossed River Sole with black pepper sauce, Stir fried chicken with chestnut and snow peasBokchoy and bamboo shoot stir fried with cashews, Udon Noodles soy butter garlic


And as is the case with every good restaurant…there is no room for dessert!  But again, the meal isn’t complete without at least tasting what they had…so we decided to go with the Panko Fried fresh banana with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.  Looking back at the entire experience, I may have wanted to have more room for dessert, but trying to cut out one of the dishes I had…hmmm, maybe I should not eat anything before my next visit to Asia Seven!!


A huge thanks to the staff that attended to us and especially to Chef Vineet Manocha for making this all possible and for expert explanations of all the dishes.

It was a memorable experience and I hope you all will try this place on my recommendation.  They have a grand buffet during lunch…and the best part is …they deliver!  So why not try them out for your next meal or gathering!


Written by Neena Bhaskar