Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways – The World’s 5 Star airline!

I had the privilege of flying Qatar Airways during this last trip to India from Washington DC.  Join me as I review my travel experience..


It is always hectic getting on a flight when you are planning to be away for a few week.  I walked into Dulles Airport and immediately felt relaxed as the Qatar Airways staff members were there and ready to assist.  The check-in process was smooth and the agents were quite courteous.

For those of you that have travelled this route, you know that the flight is quite long…13 hours or so.  As always, I had a bit of anxiety as I boarded just thinking about the long flight and how I would manage to remain in a closed space for so long…yes, I am a bit Closter phobic.  I entered the plane and felt so excited to try the comfortable-looking seats..

business-class  business-class-2

As soon as I got comfortable, a very friendly air hostess came to offer me a welcome drink. How could I refuse such a kind offer….I graciously accepted the pink champagne.  Cheers to my long, but very comfortable flight with Qatar Airways!


The entertainment was just fabulous..they had the latest movies available…for me, both Bollywood and Hollywood movie choices were my picks.  I leaned my seat back, and enjoyed a movie.

Then there was the elaborate menu with ohhhh, so many options.  I had a choice of appetizers, main entrée and then dessert…let me just show you in photographs and then nothing more needs to be said at how amazing the food was..

soup pasta ice-cream

After the delicious meal, they offered me a set of pajamas so that I could get a bit more comfortable.  When I went to change into the pajamas, the air-hostess converted my seat into a bed by laying down a fitted sheet, blanket and cushy pillow.  The whole set up looked so inviting.  After the delicious meal, the comfortable pajamas, and the cozy seat to bed set up…not to mention the very long week leading up to the trip…I slept…. and slept very well.

Thank you QATAR AIRWAYS!  What a great experience you provided.  From the check-in, to the service on board, to all the amazing meals…you will be my choice in the future as well.

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Written by Neena Bhaskar